Creating a T-Wall in Cabinet Vision

Building a “T-wall” from the middle of a “Standard” wall in Solid

The problem: You have a long wall that is intersected by a perpendicular wall that needs to have cabinets on it as well.

The Solution: Instead of “eyeballing” the placement of that perpendicular wall and then not having the corner functions that you need, try this…

1. Create your long “Standard” wall. Only, stop the length at the place the perpendicular wall needs to be. (For example: draw a Straight, Standard wall from left to right, 60”.)


2. Attach another Straight, Standard wall at the end of the first, making it as long as necessary. (In this example, 48”.)

3. Attach a Straight, Peninsula wall at the end of wall 2 and rotate it back along the thickness of wall 2. Leave this wall long, you will shorten it later.

4. Attach another Straight, Peninsula wall at the end of wall 3 and rotate it back to follow the back of wall 2. This wall should be the same length as wall 2.


5. Attach a Straight, Standard wall to the end of wall 4. This will be the continuation of the original long wall.


6. Arrow out of the wall mode and select wall 3. Change the length of this wall to equal the thickness of wall 2. (In this example, 4 1⁄2”.)


Now you have your “T-wall” and still have functioning corners. The reason you want to use the Peninsula walls for walls 3 and 4, is so you can select each of those walls easily. If they were all Straight, Standard walls it would be difficult to pick one over the other – if you want to hide or modify one of them.