Adjusting for Thickness of Edgeband

Q. I use Edge Banding on my Finished Ends, but I want the cut list for the ends to show the full depth of the cabinet and not subtract for the Edge Banding thickness. How can I do this?

A. This can be accomplished by using the Trim Part feature of the Part Editor, an advanced element of Solid Manufacturing.

1) Place a Base cabinet on a Wall and go to the Assembly Editor \ Reports view. Notice the Finished Ends are adjusting for the Edge Banding thickness.

2) Go to the Side Ortho view and select one of the Ends. Now right click and select Edit.

3) At the Part view of the Part Editor, select the Edge Band button.

4) Change the Trim Part selection on the left from No to Yes.

5) Select the Return arrow and select Yes at the Save screen. 

6) Repeat these steps for both Finished Ends

7) Now return to the Assembly Editor \ Reports view and notice the Finished Ends no longer adjust for the Edge Banding thickness.