How to transfer Layers

Q:  I have my Layers set up like I want on one computer.  Can I transfer them to a different computer?
A:  Yes, by moving the file called Default.dat.
 1)  On your local hard drive, go to Planit \ Solid_6_1 (or whatever version of Solid you are using).

 2)  Locate the file named Default.dat.

 3)  Copy and paste this file to a transfer medium such as a memory stick.

 4)  Put the memory stick on the other computer.

 5)  On the local hard drive, go to Planit \ Solid_6_1 (must be the same or a higher version as what was on the first computer).

 6)  Copy and paste the Default.dat file into that folder.

 7)  Open Solid.  Your layers will now be the same as on the first computer.

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