Using System Parameters to change toe height

Q:  I would like a quick way to change the Toe Heights of my cabinets.  Any suggestions?
A:  Yes, you can setup a System Parameter which will change the Toe Height as desired.
1)  At the Splash Screen, go to Utilities \ Parameters.

2)  Create a new parameter and for the Parameter field use TOEH which is a system level parameter.  Set the Class for cabinets and set the Style as Attribute.  Fill in the other fields according to the image. 

3)  Place a Base cabinet on a Wall.  To verify the Toe Height, take to Assembly Editor \ Face Ortho view and setup a Layer to show the Toe Height dimension. 

4)  Go back to Room Level \ Elevation view.  Select the cabinet and change the Attribute prompt on the left menu bar to 8 inches. 

5)  Go back to the Assembly Editor \ Face Ortho view to verify the Toe Height is now 8 inches. 

6)  You will notice that since this is using a system level parameter (TOEH), the other parts of the cabinet have adjusted accordingly.
I hope this gives you other ideas of how to make use of System Parameters.

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