Making use of Attribute parameters

Q:  Is there a quick way to change a cabinet's interior material to Finished?
A:  Yes, by setting up an Attribute which references a System Parameter.
1)  Open Solid, go to Utilities \ Parameters.
2)  In the Prompt field, type in Exposed Interior?
3)  Type FININT (which is a System Parameter) into the Parameter field
4)  Set the Type to Boolean
5)  Set the Value to False
6)  Set the Class to Cabinet
7)  Set the Style to Attribute.  It should now look like this.

8)  Start a new job and place a cabinet on a Wall
9)  Select that cabinet and notice the Attribute appears in the left menu bar. 

10) Click on False and change it to True.
11) The cabinet will now use the Finished Interior Material Schedule.

12) It can be undone by changing the Attribute back to False.

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