Special Position for Cabinet

Q.  I need a cabinet to always be placed above a certain height.  Can this be accomplished?
A.  Yes.  You can use the Vertical Positional option.

1)  You must first save the object you are wanting placed this way into the catalog with the Above or Below Positional option selected.

2)  In the Plan view of a job, right click on the object and go to Save \ Advanced \ Placement.

3)  Now for the Vertical Placement, select Above or Below Positional

4)  Now OK, OK to save this object to your catalog.

5)  When you start a job and are needing to place this object, within a Room, go to Room \ Layout and set the Vertical Positional height.

6)  Now when you place that object on the Wall, it will position itself either Above or Below the value you have indicated.

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