Sliding Doors

Q:  I sometimes have a need for Sliding Doors on my cabinets.  Can Solid do this?

A:  Yes.  Solid 2012 R1 has this capability.

1)  Open Solid and go to the Material Catalog.  Click on the Slide tab.  You will choose if the Sliding Doors will be slotted or use hanging hardware.

2)  Now go to the Assembly Wizard, select which construction method you want to use, and edit the Reveals section.

3)  You will now fill out three options:  1)  quantity of doors, 2)  size of overlap, and 3)  does the Left door sit in the Front or the Rear.

4)  Now start a new job and place a cabinet on a Wall.  Go to the Assembly Editor \ Section view level.  Select the Doors.  Now select the Slide Doors option on the sidebar.

5)  Now go to the 3D view and you can see the Sliding Doors.

The minimum number of Sliding Doors is two, but you can have more if needed.  I know this will be a very useful feature.

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