How to Import a Google SketchUp Image

Q:  I would like to add more decorative items to my catalog which would enhance the jobs I show my customers.  How can I do this?
A:  Google SketchUp has a multitude of images that can be used for such purposes.  Solid 5.0 is able to import and use those images.  In this example, we are taking a sample bed and putting it into an empty Solid object so it can be saved back to a catalog for future use. 
1)  Find a 3D image online that you want to use.  Download the .skp file to your computer.  For this example, I am using a standard bed.

2)  Start a new job in Solid and place an Empty Base Object on a Wall.

3)  Size the object to accommodate the incoming image.

4)  Take the object into the Assembly Editor \ Face Ortho view.  Select the Utilities tab at the top left and select Import SketchUp Model.

5)  At the SketchUp Model Import screen, browse to find the image file and Import it.

6)  The image will have multiple layers so select each Part Type Allocation line at the lower left and assign it a Part Type.  Once finished, click OK.

7)  The image is now inside the Empty Base Object and can be modified to your specifications for size and color.

8)  This object can now be saved back to your catalog for future use.

9)  There is further information on this located within the Solid Help files.