Cabinet Vision Shortcut Keys

The following hot keys help in getting to different program features quickly:

  • F1 - Help

  • F2 - Opens Wall Options

  • F3 - Opens Object Options

  • F4 - Opens Top Options

  • F5 - Opens Moldings Options

  • F6 - Opens Auto Fill Options

  • F7 - Opens CAD Options

The following shortcut keys allow you to select and copy one or more cabinets:

  • Ctrl + Click - Selects Multiple Cabinets

  • Ctrl + X - Cuts Selected Cabinet

  • Ctrl + C - Copies Selected Cabinet

  • Ctrl + V - Pastes Copied Cabinet

The following hot keys assist you in the Layout and CAD areas:

  • W - Refreshes the View

  • G - Snaps Object to Grid

  • S - Snaps Object to Point

  • C - Snaps a Cabinet Diagonally at a Wall Corner

  • F3 - In Wall Layout, Opens the Angle Calculator

  • M - In CAD, Snaps a Line to Mid Point

  • I - In CAD, Snaps a Line to Intersection

  • C - In CAD, Snaps a Line to Circle/Arc Center

Another great tip: Placing your cursor over an item while pressing the space bar allows you to quickly center an item on the screen.