Creating a Shipping Label from an Assembly Sheet template

Q. I need a label to attach to my cabinets when shipping.  Can this be done with an ordinary label machine?
A.  Yes.  You can create an Assembly Sheet to match the specifics of a label.

1)  For this example, I used a Brother QL-500 label printer which uses 1" x 3 1/2" labels.

2)  Go to the Drawings Page and click on Paper Sizes.

3)  Select New and enter the appropriate Width and Height and give it a name you will recognize.

4)  Click on Drawings Library and add a New Assembly Sheet.

5)  Right click on the page, select Paper, and choose the new paper size you created.

6)  Notice the template outline adjusts to the new paper size.

7)  Add two Text fields to designate the cabinet name and number.

8)  Add a Container by going to Insert at the top right and selecting Container.  For this example, I chose the Primary Face.

9)  Select the Return arrow, give this new Assembly Sheet a name when prompted.

10) Place a cabinet on a Wall and go to Reports \ Assembly Sheet.  Select the new template you just created. 

11) Select the Base object and Print.  Choose the label printer.

12) You should now have a simple label similar to this.

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