Real Time Cabinet List

Q:  Is there a way to see the cabinet list while laying out a design without having to swap back and forth to the Reports page?
A:  Yes.  You can use CAD tables to populate that information while still on the Plan view.
1)  Place a Base cabinet on a Wall.
2)  Click the CAD button at the left and select Insert Table at the top right. 

3)  Click your mouse once and draw a Box out to one side of the page.  Click the mouse again to finish the box.
4)  Now the Table box will appear. 

5)  Select the Plus Sign at the lower left to add a New Group.  Choose All Assemblies, OK. 

6)  Select the items from the Available column you want to see in the Table.  Select each one individually and then click the Arrow pointing to the right to move that item to the Visible column.  Once completed, click OK.


7)  You will now see the Table populated on the Plan view with all the desired information. 

8)  At this point, you may need to resize the Table.  Please refer to the Help files and eSupport for assistance with Table editing.
9)  After you have the Table properly sized, it will continue to expand each time a cabinet is added to that room. 


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