Problem Troubleshooting - Can't Open a Job

Q:  I was working on a job design, but now the file won't open.  What can I do?

A:  Apparently, that job file has become corrupt.  You can open the backup copy.

1)  Start by closing Solid.  Browse to the folder where you store your job files.  Look for the name of the job you were working on.....for example:  Smith Kitchen.cvj.  Notice the ".cvj" extension identifies this as a Solid job design file.

2)  Change the file extension of that file to ".old".  For example:  "Smith Kitchen.old".  Solid will not recognize this file extension and will no longer try to open that file.  Using ".old" as the file extension simply lets you know this is the version of that file that will not open.  You can use other file extension names if needed.

3)  Now find the backup copy of that file which will be named "Smith Kitchen.bak".  This file will exist if you have Saved the job at least twice during your design process.  Change the ".bak" extension to ".cvj".  So now you are back to a file named "Smith Kitchen.cvj".

4)  At this point, reopen Solid and browse to the location of this new job file name (remember:  it is technically a different file so don't use the Recent Jobs list) and try to open it.  If the corruption that occurred in the original file was not captured by the backup file, then it will open and you can proceed with the design.

Note:  Please make a habit of saving your job files periodically as you are working on them by clicking the Save icon or going to the Solid Button \ Save option.

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