How to create multiple floors for the same room in Solid 5.0

Q: I want to show multiple floors in the same room for when I have a step down such as a sunken kitchen or living room. Is this possible?

A: Yes. You can have multiple floors in the same room and configure them as you need.

1) Start a new job. Place a Wall. Go to the Floors button

2) Now select the New Floor button.

3) Simply draw the Floor in any shape you need.

4) Click the Return arrow at the top left when you are finished and select Yes when asked to save the shape.

5) Now select the New Floor button again and draw a second Floor.

6) With the second Floor selected, right click on it and select Properties. 

7) You now have the ability to change the Elevation and Thickness of this second Floor. 

8) Select OK to save the changes and go to the 3D view. You will now see a second Floor which can be used for numerous purposes. You can edit the size and shape as needed. 

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