Add a Light for Better Presentation

Q:  I want to create the effect of under mounted lights for my Upper cabinets.  How can I do this?

A:  Solid gives you the ability to add a light to any object for Presentation purposes.

1)  Start a new job and place an Upper cabinet on a Wall

2)  Take this cabinet to the Assembly Editor \ Face Ortho view.

3)  Right click the screen, away from the cabinet, and select Add Light.

4)  Change the Type to Under Cabinet, select the box to Auto Fill Counter Top Lighting, set the Outset value, then OK.

5)  Now swap back and forth between the Ortho views and position the Light exactly as you want.

6)  Go back to the Plan view and place a Base cabinet under the Upper and build a Countertop.

7)  Now go to 3D and do a PhotoVision render of the view.

8)  Notice the Light that is reflecting on the Countertop.

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