How to Save a Group of Cabinets as a Single Object

Q:  I do commercial work and many times use the same cabinet layout for multiple jobs. Can I save a group of cabinets as a single object to my catalog for future use?

A: Yes.  Any cabinet group layout can be saved to your catalog as a single object.

1)  After you have laid out the cabinets, go to the Elevation view.

2)  Starting at the Upper/Left side of the layout page, left click the mouse and hold it down.

3)  Draw a box around all the objects you want to save as a single object, then release the mouse.

4)  All the objects within that group are now outlined with a dotted line.

5)  Right click on any of the objects within the group and select "Save Group as".

6)  Give this new object a name and designate where to save it to within the catalog.

7)  This group of cabinets now functions as a single object you can use over and over.


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