Google Sketchup within Solid

Q.  I need some decorative objects for my designs.  Can I create my own?
A.  Yes.  In addition to our usual DXF import function, we now also accept Google Sketchup files.

Solid has long had the ability to import DXF files to create decorative objects that are used for design purposes.  Solid now has the ability to also import image files created using Google Sketchup.

When you find a native Google Sketchup file (.skp) that you want to use, follow these steps:

1)  Start a new job and place a cabinet on a Wall.

2)  Take that cabinet into the Assembly Editor.

3)  At the Section View, go to Modifications and Hide all the parts.

4)  Now go to one of the Orthographic views (smiley faces) and go to Utilities.

5)  Now you will see the Import Sketchup Model option.

6)  Just browse to the location of your .skp file and import it into the empty object.

7)  You now see the Google Sketchup image and it can be saved back to your catalog for future use.


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