Placing a Floating Island Using Snap Points in Cabinet Vision

When you are drawing a project that has several walls with an island of cabinets that floats within that perimeter it can be challenging to position the island correctly. Aside from the method of drawing the peninsula wall and then repositioning it until it looks “close enough,” you can establish a point to draw that wall from by following the steps below.

Once you have your perimeter walls drawn you will need to select the Measure Tools in the Tools Group on the Main Ribbon Bar.  The Measure Tools gives you two options; Measure and Snap Marks.  For this exercise, you will want to select the Snap Marks tool.  You will also need to select the Snap to Points tool located in the lower right corner of your screen.  Both of these selections are pointed to in the image below. 

Now you need to click into one of the corners of the room, in the example below the inside corner between walls #2 & #3 has been selected.  This will give you a reference point that you can dimension from to set the starting point for the peninsula wall.  You will want to drag your mouse toward the area that you want the peninsula wall to start.  Notice the Horizontal and Vertical dimensions on the top left of your screen and keep an eye out for positive and negative values.  If you have taken the line in the direction you want, you will want to maintain those positive and negative values.

Next, you need to consider the space that you want between the wall and the island.  From wall #3 you need to allow enough space for the depth of the cabinets that may be on that wall as well as the necessary walk space you need between those cabinets and the island.  When you determine that dimension, let go of your mouse and type it in (do not click the mouse button).  When you start to type, the number will go to the Horizontal field.

Once the Horizontal dimension is in place, hit Tab.  This will take you to the Vertical field.  To figure out the space necessary from wall #2, you will not only need to consider the depth of the cabinets on the wall and the walk space, but also, the depth of the island cabinets.  The point that you are placing is for the peninsula wall to snap to, therefore, it will be at the back of the island.  Fill in the Vertical number and hit Enter.  In the example shown, the Horizontal value is -66 and the Vertical value is 90, which will allow for a 42” walk space with 24” deep cabinets.  Once you hit Enter, you will have a red “+” on the floor at your specified dimensions.  Right click to let go and hit the Home arrow.

Now you will need to select the Snap to Marks tool in the lower right corner of your screen, as pictured below.  This tool will allow you to snap the start of your Peninsula wall to the “+” that you have established. 

Finally, select the Wall button and choose the style of wall you want to use, move your mouse close to the “+”, left click and start to draw your wall to its necessary length.

Note: to get rid of all of the “+” marks there is a Reset Ruler button to the left of the Snap to Marks tool that you selected earlier.  Another option is to right click on the screen, go to Properties, hit Reset Ruler and hit OK.