Eliminate Overlapping Drawing Lines

Q:  I like to delete non-essential lines from my Drawings before presenting to customers.  Sometimes I have to delete a line twice.  What is causing this?
A:  Some images show lines all the way through an object thus creating overlapping lines (front line, back line).  Here's how to eliminate this.
1)  For this example, place an Upper cabinet on a Wall and place Crown molding.

2)  Go to Elevation view.

3)  Right click to Properties \ Layers \ Advanced and check the box for "Check for Overlapped Lines", OK, OK. 

4)  Now right click and send that image To Drawings.

5)  Go to the Drawings page and place that scene. 

6)  Zoom in on the Molding, and with the scene highlighted, select CAD. 

7)  Select any line to delete and notice you only have to delete it once since any overlapping lines are no longer there. 

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