Custom Reports in Cabinet Vision

The .rpt (Crystal Reports) files that are shipped with Solid and the NC Center are examples of variable reports. Because of the way they are setup, you can use a simple, easy to create .rim (Report Import Module) file that allows you to modify the reports to suit your needs.

To do this, you will need the following:

1) Copy of MS Access (Version 95 or higher will work, this example is shown using Access 07)

2) Standard Text Editing Software (Notepad or WordPad works)

First, we need to decide what report we want to use, for this instance, we will use the Material Summary Report. We will be making this report show only hardware that exists in the job.

- Using Microsoft Access, open the Report.mdb file found in [Drive]:\Planit\Solid_4_1\Database (for network users, this will be done on the server).
- In the report.mdb, we will open the Reports table

- In the Reports table, look in the Report Title column and find ‘Material Summary’

- The next Column over will display the .rpt file that is being used, in this instance, it is ‘Material Totals.rpt’

- You can now close MS Access

- On your Desktop, right click and select New à Text Document

- Name this file Hardware Summary.txt

- Double click on the text document

- Enter in the following information:

CV Solid Report Import Version 1

"Report Name","Hardware Summary - Lists totals of all the hardware used in this job"
"Report Title","Hardware Summary"
"Report File Name","material totals.rpt"
"Report Job","0"
"Report Door","0"
"Report Drawer","0"
"Report Frame","0"
"Report Case","0"
"Report Assembly","0"
"Report Summary","0"
"Body Group","DETAIL"
"Body FontName","Arial"
"Body FontSize","11.25"
"Body FontBold","0"
"Body FontItalic","0"
"Cabinet Filter",""
"GroupSelectionFormula","{tbl Parts.Part Class} in [19, 20, 21, 23]"
"Formula String",""
"Sort Fields",""

For an explanation of every field, please see the Solid 4.1 Help files (run a search on rim)

If you noticed, in the GroupSelectionFormula field, we used [tbl Parts.Part Class} in [19,20,21,23]. What this does is limits the report to show only items that have a part class that is either, Pulls (19), Hinges (20), Drawer Guides (21) and Wire Baskets (23). The corresponding numbers to use can be found in the Material.cvm under the ‘tbl Part Classes’ table.

- Save the text document and close it out

- Right click on the document and select Rename.

- Name the Text document Hardware Summary.rim (make sure to drop off the .txt of this won’t work)

- Copy the file and paste it into [Drive]:\Planit\Solid_4_1\Database

Now open your report center and click on the Setup Reports button and look for you Hardwar Summary. Unfortunately, because the title of the report is fixed, it will still say report 


This can be done with any number of reports and would pretty much only require a trial and error basis.