Problem Troubleshooting - Construction Method Changes

Q:  I changed some settings in my Construction Method but my cabinet parts didn't change size.  What should I do?
A:  Follow these steps to make sure your cabinet does not have overrides which prevent it from accepting the changes.
1)  Take the cabinet to the Assembly Editor \ Section view

2)  Click Modifications \ Default Assembly

3)  If the cabinet is not shaped, check both Remove Shape Templates and Remove User Modified System Parameters

4)  If the cabinet is shaped, check only Remove User Modified System Parameters

5)  Click the Yes button

6)  Click Modifications \ Overrides

7)  If any overrides exist, click on each one and Remove (except for the Shape - XY Template for shaped cabinets)

8)  The cabinet is now built to the specifications of the updated Construction Method and any UCSs that apply

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