Associating Appliances with Cabinets

Q: I have a custom Tall cabinet that I always use for wall ovens. How can I insert a Double Oven so it is associated with that cabinet?

A: A decorative object can be inserted into another object at the Assembly Editor \ Front Ortho view. This object can then be saved back to the catalog for future use and will always contain that decorative object.

1) Place a Tall cabinet on a Wall and take to the Assembly Editor \ Section view.

2) Section and size the cabinet the way you want.

3) Go to the Front Ortho view, select the Objects button at the left and go to the Appliances catalog.

4)  Select the Appliance you want to use and place it inside the object.

5) Size the Appliance the way you want and return to the Room level \ Elevation view.

6) Right click the object and select Save \ Save As so you can give it a unique name.

7) Save it to the catalog location of your choice with the name you want and it is now ready for all future jobs.

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