Using CAD for Additional Cabinet Views

Using these steps, you can paste an End View of a cabinet onto the Elevation page for shop or customer presentation purposes.
1)  Place a cabinet on a Wall and take to Assembly Editor \ Side Ortho view.  Right click and send To Drawing.

2)  Go to the Drawings Page and place that Scene on a page.  Scale up as needed.

3)  Click the Scene so it is activated and select CAD. 

4)  Move your mouse to the top left of the scene, click and hold it down, and draw a box around the entire object.

5)  Right click inside this box and select Copy.

6)  Click the Return button to leave the CAD routine and go back to the Elevation view.

7)  Select the CAD button.

8)  Beside the original cabinet, right click and select Paste.  Position the image as desired.

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