The difference between Rate Tables and Bid Methods

Q:  I hear the terms Rate Table and Bid Method a lot.  What is the difference between the two?
A:  They both refer to the process for pricing jobs.  Here are the specifics.
1)  Rate Table:  This is basically a store house for a group of Bid Methods.  You can create an unlimited number of Rate Tables and use them in any combination you want.  Each Rate Table can contain a single Bid Method or multiple Bid Methods.

2)  Open a job and go to Reports \ Bid Center.  Click on the Rate Tables icon.

3)  Solid gives you several Rate Tables to get you started.  Simply check the box next to the Rate Table you want to use.

4)  By clicking on the Setup button, you can modify these Rate Tables, rename them, or create new ones.

5)  Bid Method:  A specific routine for pricing objects within a job.  Solid gives you many Bid Methods to choose from. 

6)  After selecting a Bid Method, you will need to enter the rest of the specifics that pertain to that Bid Method such as Name, Value, Markup, and Tax.

7)  You can then proceed to enter more Bid Methods for that Rate Table if you want.

8)  When you are ready to price the job, you will select which Rate Table or Rate Tables you want to use.
Please refer to the Help files within Solid for more information on Rate Tables and Bid Methods.

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