Point Locking

Q: I have shaped a cabinet but I don't want the new angle to change when I stretch the cabinet.  Can this be accomplished?

A: Yes, by locking a point on the cabinet.

1)  For this simple example, place a Base cabinet on a Wall and shape the left end.

2)  Take this cabinet into the Assembly Editor \ Top Ortho view and select Edit Shape.

3)  Select the point for the angle you do not want to change.

4)  At the left menu bar, set the Point Locking Left/Right to Left.  This will ensure the angle to the left of the point does not change.

5)  Return to the Plan view and stretch the cabinet to the Right.  Notice the angle does not change when the cabinet is stretched.

6)  This is a very simple example of Point Locking.  For more detailed information, please refer to the Shape Editor portion of the Solid 5.0 Help files.

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