Simple Part Intelligence

Q: I have added a part to a cabinet, but I need it to automatically resize as I stretch the cabinet. Can this be accomplished?

A: Yes. Solid gives you the ability to add Intelligence (smart part) to any added part.

**Note: This is a simple illustration of an advanced editing technique. More detailed information is available in the Help files within Solid and on the eSupport forums.

1) In the Assembly Editor (orthographic view), manually add a new part to a cabinet. For this example, I am using a Light Rail.


2) Now change the width of the cabinet. Notice the new part does not stretch with the cabinet.

3) Go to the Assembly Editor \ Face Orthographic view. Highlight the new part. Notice on the left, the Length (DY) field is 30. Since the part has been rotated, this is actually the width across the front of the cabinet. Left click on that field. Notice the Parameter Edit screen appears.

4) Change the Style to Equation and click Add. At the bottom is a text box that starts with the word "Then". Type in "cab.dx" (without the quotation marks) and click the Test button. You should see the following....

5) Press OK and notice the new part is now the same width as the cabinet.

6)  By creating this equation on the DY value of this part, we are simply telling it to be the same width as that of the cabinet.  You can now save this object back to your catalog for future use.

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